Why you should invest in open plots at Solapur

Home investors and buyers often wonder, what is the right choice for investment or plots of land or apartments? Most of us decide for the benefit of the Earth. Land as an investment option is always popular due to the best resale value when compared to residential real estate. However, plots investments have their advantages and disadvantages

THE PROS- To invest in open plots at Solapur

  • The affordability of land price is relatively lower compared to residential real estate. The property tax of plots is also lower compared to apartments. In addition, no maintenance is required, which leads to cost savings.
  • Estimate Land prices vary according to location, size, and available space. Land parcel prices appreciate at a much faster rate than apartment prices. Land prices must rise if the underlying infrastructure grows around the property, thereby ensuring higher returns on investment.
  •  Delay is delivered without any hassle and faster than apartments. Besides, the buyer does not assume any financial obligations once the amount is paid.
  • Flexibility- Land purchase gives the advantage of building more space that suits an individual’s requirements and affordability. For example, one cannot increase the number of rooms in an apartment while one can do so in the case of land, after obtaining the necessary permits and penalties.
  • Build your dream home- The open plot gives you the freedom to build your home according to your preferences, size, and design. But the apartment does not give you this privilege. You have hardly any room to adjust the interior of your apartment because it is a pre-designed multi-story building.
  • Hassle-free investment in open plots in Solapur – Once you invest in a piece of land, you can sit back and relax. The buyer does not assume any financial obligation once the payment is completed when the items are delivered on time.
  • Liquidity– Open plots in Solapur are always in high demand. Since there is no decrease in the value of the land, the value is immediately estimated. The supply and demand equation also works in favor of the open cut, and even if the piece was bought 10 years ago, the price will go up depending on the development in the region.
  • More amenities– Real estate developers these days don’t just offer open plots, but these plots have great infrastructure and convenient amenities and are well connected with the rest of the city. Residential plots in Solapur are gaining momentum due to these offers.

So here’s a story:

Mayank and Priya Mahra are not senior savers, although they are close to 35 and have worked for more than 10 years. Their lifestyle choices cost a lot of money, and they are not ready to cut costs. While they do not serve any long-term loans, they do not hate borrowing money in an emergency. A friend advised them to buy a plot of land on the outskirts of the city as an investment and develop it as a vacation home with the help of a bank loan. The idea appeals to them because it means mandatory provision for loan repayment and acquisition of the asset. Do they have to go ahead and buy the plot?

If Mehras has limited or no assets, then starting with a large indivisible asset such as a plot of land is a bad idea. It may be wise to build liquid assets in deposits, mutual funds, bonds, and equity first. These assets can be sold in parts if money is needed. It can also be used as collateral if a loan is to be taken. There is psychological satisfaction with owning a plot of land valued, but it translates into little or no value in daily life. If the idea is to create an asset (land) by allocating mandatory monthly savings in the form of EMI, then a systematic investment plan (SIP) in a mutual fund will serve the same purpose, albeit with more flexibility, liquidity, and without interest. ingredient. They can skip the payment if they have a problem; they can withdraw from the investment if needed, and the value of their investment will also appreciate over time. A loan against the ground is very inflexible in comparison. Moreover, the land purchase may be tax ineffective. Unless they actually build a house on the ground, they will not get tax benefits on the principal of the amount paid or the interest paid on the loan they get from the bank. Mehras should consider other investments instead, or buy an apartment they can live in if they are keen to purchase a property as an asset.

There is a no more valuable property in the long run than the Earth. Over the years, many smart friends have made investments in schemes a profitable formula for great capital gains. Of course, you must be logical to ensure that you do not get stuck with failed actions, where ownership and the seller’s right to transfer the land are in question. There was a time when summer homes were popular. A lot of money to spare you will invest in a house in the hills. This led to a significant increase in real estate prices in popular hill destinations. However, the focus shifted to building farmhouses on the outskirts of big cities.

Land plots in areas not far from large cities are often not valued compared to those in the city. People who invested in land in Navi Mumbai (now the proposed new Mumbai airport location), in Devanahalli (where the new Bangalore Airport is located), in Salt Lake, Kolkata, or Gurgaon or Noida in NCR, got big rewards. As cities grow, they expand. To illustrate this, the prominent educational institutions that are usually built on the outskirts of cities are now a large part of them. Think of IITs and IIMs in prominent cities. Most of them are now in the heart of the once considered distant cities. Can you imagine the value of that land today? The industrial parks have disappeared and high-rise apartment buildings and sprawling shopping centers have taken their place, opening great value to many corporate houses. In fact, the value of this asset is so high today that it turned many industrialists with large areas of industrial land into the cities into developers. So, think long term because open plots in Solapur are quite affordable. If you find promising plots of land with clear nicknames not far from your city, consider investing in a weekend home and wealth-generating assets.

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